I took my current body in 1951 in Guyana. In 1965, while living in Trinidad, I instinctively began yoga postures. I tried to make sense of the supernatural side of life. Later in 1970 in the Philippines, I approached a Martial Arts Master named Arthur Beverford. I explained that I wanted yoga instruction. Beverford identified himself as a disciple of the great yogin, Rishi Singh Gherwal. Beverford taught the traditional Ashtanga Yoga with stress on postures, attentive breathing and brow chakra centering meditation. In 1972, I entered Yogi Bhajan’s Denver Colorado ashram for kundalini yoga. I took instruction in kapalabhati/bhastrika pranayama and its application to yoga postures. Later in 1979, I formally entered the spiritual society founded by Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada.

I no longer participate in any formal spiritual groups or societies. However in recent years, I devoted my time to writing about Bhagavad Gita for clarifying the distortions given in translations and commentaries. I wrote two additional commentaries revealing kriya yoga, and brahma yoga. I translated the Uddhava Gita and provided a detailed commentary of that masterpiece. Most of my work is deeply philosophical and psychological in nature and is a reflection of a lifetime of dedication and austerity. I openly share realizations and inspirations received from advanced teachers and deities.

My specialty is kundalini yoga and advanced meditation which was explained by Patanjali Mahayogin, as samyama which is the sequential development of linking one’s attention to a higher reality, first with special effort, then spontaneously, and finally without effort and continuously.

I translated and did two commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. I translated and commented the Anu Gita, the Markandeya Samasya and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

I wrote books on meditation practice. These are profusely illustrated showing what is done for various techniques. I wrote books about astral projection and related practices. Below you will find the book covers, each of which is a link to descriptions of each title. To the right you will find links to each book.


inSelf Yoga™ is the ashtanga process of complete transformation of the psyche of a yogi. Its syllabus was given by Patanjali Mahayogin in the Yoga Sutras. It has physical and psychological applications and reins in the lifestyle of the ascetic.

On the basis of his practice using the current body as well as what he recalls from many past lives of yoga austerity, Michael Beloved teaches this process as kundalini yoga and naad sound absorption meditation. The kundalini yoga has kapalabhati/bhastrika as the primary means while absorption in naad sound vibration in the head of the subtle body is the meditation focus. His books are the academic procedures this course.

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