These are the books in this series:

Meditation Pictorial

Meditation Expertise

Core-Self Discovery

Meditation Sense Faculty

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The specialty of these books is the mind diagrams which profusely illustrate what is written. This shows exactly what one has to do mentally to develop and then sustain a meditation practice.

In the Meditation Pictorial, one is shown how to develop psychic insight, a feature without which meditation is imagination and visualization, without any mystic experience per se.

In the Meditation Expertise, one is shown how to coral one’s practice to bring it in line with the classic syllabus of yoga which Patanjali lays out as the ashtanga yoga eight-staged practice.

In Core-Self Discovery, one is taken though the course of pratyahar sensual energy withdrawal which is the 5th stage of yoga in the Patanjali ashtanga eight-process complete system of yoga practice. These events lead to the discovery of a core-self which is surrounded by psychic organs in the head of the subtle body. This product has a DVD component for teachers and self-teaching students.

In Meditation Self Faculty, the issue of how to sort the sensual influence from the intellect and the core-self is presented. A series of meditations on each sense focus (orb) is described with details about the repeated failure of the mind to focus on the desired subtle objective. The yogi is shown how to perceive rapid actions of the mind in slow motion. He (she) learns how to stop the mind from executing its behests.

These books are profusely illustrated with mind diagrams showing the components of psychic consciousness and the inner design of the subtle body.