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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date:   August 8, 2023

ISBN Print: 9781942887553

ISBN eBook9781942887560

LCCN: 2023906820

Pages: 392

Illustrations: 40

Trim Size: 5 x 8 inches

Language: English 

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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This content is about death transit which is the shift to the psychic world with no recourse of a physical presence. Generally human beings service a religion by consigning a dead body to a religious ceremony which promotes the idea of life hereafter in the heaven of a deity. However, the same survivors who sponsor the ceremony usually mourn the physical condition of the person’s immobile body.

The religious overcoating is more or less, a sham. On this side of existence, the survivors take comfort in the idea that the person shifted to a heavenly world and is better off for it, but these people rarely have mystic perception to verify this idea.

The content of this literature is a broad declaration that what occurs at death of a body is not surprising. In fact, most everything will continue as usual on the physical and astral sides of existence. The world will go on. The psychic existence will continue. The cosmos will not blink for it.

Back Cover:

The first in this series, sex You! rivets the subtle body to the parent’s emotions. Once that happens, birth occurs with the entity having no coherent understanding of its position before it became an infant of somebody.

This second in the series, death You! challenges the reader to research and report on what he/she will or will not be after death, which the book explains is the non-responsiveness of the physical body.

At first one arrives here under the pressure of the mother’s body. One is expelled and finds that one must have air and liquid food. When all is said and done, or when some is said and little if any is done, one is left without the physical body, without a physical place for awakening daily.

Then what?

Read about the journey while being anything but the physical body.

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