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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: March 13, 2010

ISBN Print: 9780981933245

 ISBN eBook: 9780981933276

LCCN: 2010901772 

Pages: 276 

Illustrations: 166 

Trim Size: 5 x 8 x 0.7 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit, Reincarnation

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The mystery of sex and reincarnation is explained in detail, not in terms of religion or superstition but by psychic facts which any individual can observe, if he or she can shift focus to the psychic plane. Books like the Bardo Thodol (Tibetan Book of the Dead) and the Egyptian Book of the Dead (Papyrus of Ani), along with Bhagavad Gita, the reincarnation teaching of Buddha and other vital books, took humanity through a spiritual technological leap through time into the hereafter. Perhaps none of these texts dealt with the incidences of sex and reincarnation head on, especially the link between you and the sexual act of your parents which produced your body. In this book you get the details in plain terms without mystery and religious impositions.

Back Cover:

The story of your life before this life and hereafter.

The link between sex and reincarnation.

Your ancestors as part of your sexual pleasure.

Has your great grandfather taken birth as your son?

Are you depriving one of your ancestors of an embryo by using contraceptives or sexual protection?

Were you present as the sexual urge when your parents were in the act of conceiving your present body?

This information gives insight into what you were doing before you discovered yourself as a human being.


Vrettos Notaras "Billy", (Canada):

Thought provoking, perspective shifting literature on the interaction between the psychic and physical worlds! Readers familiar with the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita (unlike me) will probably recognize the theoretical foundation upon which the author rests his 40+ years of "minute observations". For myself, this book provides insight and information that contradicts and undermines many of my theories on life. Fascinating, because it gives meaning to many astral experiences that I have had in the past. Burdensome, because the more you begin to read and reflect the more you know you need to learn. The delivery of the literature is extremely efficient and concise, which is something that I have never seen with books that try to deal with this complex subject matter. You will be crystal clear regarding the author's intent by the end of the book.... whether you agree, disagree, or choose to forget is up to you... but at least. Now you know.....


Surya das (Silver Spring, Maryland, United States):

A Unique Contribution to the Path of Mystic Yoga---
An exceptional book with the greatest insight into the explicit sexual dynamic of reincarnation. In addition, this most wonderful book by Michael Beloved offers extensive advice that will allow one to have a practical role in the process of the spirit soul's re-entry in material existence from the subtle world. The numerous diagrams ascertain that the manual is user friendly.

Sex-you does not leave a stone unturned and, is a unique and unparalled contribution to anyone who takes advantage of its content.

By John Wilson "JW", Songtan, Korea (March 21, 2010):

I just ordered a few copies of this book and will be reviewing very soon. However, I've seen the draft and am quite sure it's going to be an interesting read. Will update here then.

Terri A. Stokes “taspineda”, (Enchanted Rock, TX, United States):

A brave little book for yoga/spirituality practitioners: Little known facts on dealing with the sexual urges are boldly discussed; ancestors coming through who are trying to exist again on this earth. One will learn quickly the facts about the "birds & the bees", yoga style-reincarnation, how each of us enters into existence to live in these human bodies. Believe it or not, it is a fascinating & powerful book that gives the reader an unusual perspective on sexual passions. There are many questions, still. I think if a person is childless, our ancestors are honored by living everyday sharing ones inner Light with others and remembering that we are sacred because we walk between heaven & earth. Namaste


Neil Crenshaw, (McIntosh, Florida):

I must say that this book is a way-out book. It depicts sex as an act between a man and a woman mainly for spirits of the astral world (disembodied souls) to inhabit a woman's body and be born a human. The book is incredibly interesting but is not prefaced by anything that can substantiate this theory of reincarnation other than the author's claim that he got the information from the psychic world.

One must read this book with an open mind and simply enjoy the musings of the author as one would read an interesting book of fiction. How Michael spins the tale of souls "waiting in the wing" to be guided by a special deity is indeed intriguing to say the least. The idea that sexual urges and emotions of humans are created by those disembodied souls is truly original. The author covers how lust changes as we age, how drugs affect our ability to have sex, the role of the semen in the man and the egg in the woman and what happens to the disembodied souls during masturbation and homosexual acts. 
There are many illustrations accompanying the author's discussions on masturbation, mystic sex, sexual intercourse and anatomy. Even if you know, or think you know, a lot about the conventional sexual habits of humans you will be educated in the mystic realm of human sexual behaviors. I would have to give this book five stars for originality, imagination, writing style and graphics and four stars for the entertainment value. There could be a section explaining how the author arrived at his ideas for this book. This would make it even more interesting.

Alfredo Delregato, Amazon customer review:

"Sex You!" is at its core a yogic book, a mystic book derived from knowledge obtained through the power of yoga.

It cannot be an invention. Who can invent such a tale? Who could weave such an intricate interaction, not to mention such a displeasing one to those who place the value of sex on the altar of the god of pleasure?

For, aren't we told by medical authorities and "sex experts" that continuing making love beyond progeny with our partners and into old age is healthy for the body, prevent diseases, and other similar panacea? Wait, aren't these same medical authorities those who mostly promote a "balanced diet" when dealing with illnesses like cancer, which allow sugar, meat, and other polluting aliments? No surprise here.

Of the amazing details about the mystic intricacies of sex in all available particulars, including the responsibilities derived from engaging in it, and the primary role of ancestors, the other reviewers have already spoken, but that 2 important tenets of Hinduism (or Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion), must be understood for a proper digestion of the material offered, should be stressed now, being these 2 tenets the following:

  • Reincarnation or transmigration of souls
  • The existence of a hereafter where these disembodied spirits interact, push and shove, wait to re-enter the physical realm, this locations known as the astral worlds.

Finally, the most important value that this book has, is that it fills a void left by many a scripture of Hinduism and many commentaries on these scriptures, some by famous names, in that it explains the dynamics of reincarnation or rebirth in precise details. No other book in recent memory does that, please keep this in mind. Can these psychic processes be "proven"? Of course not, the scientists will cry! Of course not, we say, from a phenomenal point of view. But what about from a noumenal one? For we say that to ascribe lack of scientific approach to the science of yoga, from which these insights were derived, is the epitome of ignorance, for this knowledge comes from the best part of 40 years of psychic research where the author have alchemized their veracity into the crucible of his psyche and beyond. This is the same approach taken by the ancient Rishis of India. When the spermatozoon enters the egg, and life is "produced"...isn't it by magic? Let the scientists explain that.