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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date:  August 10, 2009

ISBN Print: 9780981933238

 ISBN eBook: 9780981933269

LCCN:  2009904389 

Pages: 270

Illustrations: 6 

Trim Size: 5.25 x 8 x 0.7 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit, Spirituality

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The origin, mission and necessity for gurus are elaborately described in this publication. The faults of gurus are shown. You are briefed in how to get techniques even from a deviant guru. The roles and leverage of disciples are shown. The various types of relationships between gurus and disciples are precisely discussed.

Author's Comment:

Practically every positive and negative aspect of having a guru is discussed in this book with recommendations of how to deal with gurus safely. A non-proficient guru can be useful despite his faults, but one must know how to side-step hassles and get to the business at hand, which is to get effective techniques from a spiritual master.

In some cases the spiritual master will be a complete fraud but one should not let that deter one from making spiritual progress in his association. “But why,” one might ask, “should one stay with a fraudulent guru? The answer is that if providence puts one in that position, one should honor providence but one should do so without getting hurt by the unqualified spiritual master. This and similar topics are discussed in this book.


By Neil Crenshaw:

I just finished reading Michael Beloved's new book Spiritual Master. This book is very accessible and well-organized, but what makes it most engaging is the glimpse inside the world of people who profess to be specialists in helping others in spiritual matters. Michael answers the question as to whether spiritual masters are necessary to understand God and to be liberated from the material world.

What does it take to be liberated from the material world? Is a guru necessary for the transcendence? Michael attempts to answer these questions through his own past experiences with various gurus as well as being a guru himself. He outlines the pitfalls and the advantages of finding the proper guru to help guide one to a higher level. 

The book is also very interesting to browse, thanks to the variety of topics relevant to each of us who ar seekers, from the section about the different types of spiritual masters, to their limitations and misuse of power. Michael's passion for the topic and his experienced knowledge definitely help build a bridge to understanding the still-nascent and ever-evolving spiritual life of Western culture.