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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: August 27, 2012

ISBN Print: 9780984001378

 ISBN eBook:  9780984001392

LCCN:  2012913750

Pages: 146 

Illustrations: 31 

Trim Size: 5 x 8 x 0.3 inches

Language: English

Category: Religion and Spirituality

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A paper on reincarnation, subtle body, astral projection, lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, dimensional hopping, translation to paradise and transit to supernatural places.

Astral Projection is a natural psychic function which is not reliant on the conscious awareness of the person concerned. Day after day usually once within every twenty-four hours, an individual spirit is displaced from its physical body but this is usually done while it is in a condition of stupor, where it is not aware that it was separated. It then becomes conscious again as a physical body and gets busy to restart its activities.

Astral projection is really the observation of that displaced psyche. Information on how to become conscious of this is divulged in this paper.

Back Cover:

Astral projection is about self assurance of survival beyond the death of the physical system which a human being came to know as itself. It is the self-evidence that requires no other verification about the continuation and perpetuity of the psychological energies.

Every time the physical body sleeps, the psychological character separates from the physical form, and ventures into a subtle dimension, the astral world. It then returns into the physical casing and rises to continue its part in physical history. Supernatural nature conducts these operations, just as nature conducts the life and death of the physical body.

The evidence is subjective but it can be objectively verified by attentive dream awareness and observations of the shifts in consciousness from physical awareness to the stupor of sleep, and the existential transit from dreaming to physical waking.


Very informal, April 25, 2013 By franktothemax

This book makes you question what you believe to be true and explains in detail the afterlife that we get to look forward to.

 Master Review 

I am loving all of the stories and explanations in this book. I recommend it to anyone who is into meditation or past life regression.

 Accurate & Knowledgeable, August 5, 2013 By nchavez

 Received this book as a gift. Within the first couple of pages I realized that this author knew what he was talking about. I was impressed by how accurately he explained the process of astral projection. Additionally, it was validating to me to learn that the process he described was one which I naturally undertook. He explains what happens to the physical body and spiritual body as it experiences astral projection. Highly recommended for those who are interested or novices wishing to learn or experience astral projection. Additionally, after reading you may realize that you are already projecting. This book will assist you in becoming in control of your spiritual body.