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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: January 26, 2012

ISBN Print:  9780984001323

 ISBN eBook 9780984001347

LCCN:  2012900736

Pages: 275

Illustrations: 5

Trim Size: 5 x 8 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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This is the amazing narrative of the Yogi Markandeya's survival of the cosmic dissolution of our universe and his re-instatement when it was created again. It tells of his entry into the divine infant Krishna, where he toured for millions of years through many existential locals as a tiny human being, like a bacteria in the body of a human.

Originally this tale was described in the Markandeya Samasya of the Mahabharata, an ancient Sanskrit literature from India. The value of this story is its presentation of the idea that our universe may be existing in the body of a deity, who is existing in the body of another deity who is the ultimate source.

At first Markandeya deals with the cosmic dissolution but he is aware that his existential status relies on the energy in the mind of a deity named Brahma. When that deity fell asleep, all living beings inevitably slept in a blank mental state with no objectivity and with no distinct subjectivity either. Somehow Markandeya developed the ability to transcend this Brahma.

The yogi survived during Brahma's sleep but only to find himself in a violent ocean of cosmic water. He struggled for survival on that causal level of existence in which there were fearful astral aquatic creatures. Suddenly at a distance, he saw a gigantic banyan tree standing out of the water. He swam to it and saw an infant on a divine bedstead. The child has no concern for the dangers. Markandeya spoke to the infant and inquired of the kid's identity and location. He was drawn through the mouth of the infant into the infants' body where he spent millions of years. Then he was expelled and found himself in the cosmic sea again. The infant then explained the situation. He released the yogi to the original existence of the sub deity, Brahma.

This story was told by Vaishampaiana to King Janamejaya in the Mahabharata. It is worth the read for all persons who do existential research.

Back Cover:

 Imagine yourself as a human being the size of a virus or less. You enter into the body of a being who is the form of the universe. You tour that cosmic body knowing that you are inside the supernatural physiology of that transcendental personality.

A similar experience was related long ago by a yogi named Markandeya to Yudhishthira, a banished king in India. Markandeya identified Krishna who was present during the discourse as the Deity who is the form of the universe, the very same person whose cosmic body he entered long ago.

This is told in narrative form in the first ten chapters. It is given in its Sanskrit original, with transliterated English, word-for-word meaning and English translation in the last two chapters. This is exciting. Is it science fiction, legend or experience of master mystic?

This was extracted from the Mahabharata, that great literature which ancient India contributed to the library of the world.

Author's Comment:

Just in case you were wondering what it would be like if someone was the Supreme Being, how that person would accommodate planets, stars and creatures, then this is a book which can give the insight for this.

A great yogin named Markandeya experienced a divine boy into whose existence, this solar system is contained. Markandeya claimed to have lived in this divine being’s body for trillions of years with the memory that he toured parts of the divine boy’s supernatural body.

This discourse explains the situational position of God in reference to our existence and also in reference to beings who are supernaturally superior to us. One such being is named Brahma. Markandeya, even though he was jurisdictionally under Brahma’s control, was empowered by the divine boy, to transcend Brahma’s existence and to experience the extra-dimensional life which is outside Brahma’s mental reach.

Living in the mind of someone else?

Being even less than a complete thought of the Supreme Being?

Delve into this story and get a glimpse!