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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: August 31, 2011

ISBN Print:  9780983381785

 ISBN eBook 9780984001309

LCCN: 2011914435

Pages: 120

Illustrations: 33

Trim Size: 4.25 x 6.88 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind, Spirit / Reincarnation

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Anu Gita is intense. It is Krishna's action thriller. Unlike the Bhagavad Gita where He explained many topics which were part of the course of the application of yoga proficiency to social involvement, the Anu Gita begins with an inquiry into the nature of the individual being and its transmigration between the physical world and the astral existence.

There is no drifting away from the topic. Krishna does not stress his divinity and supremacy as he did in the Bhagavad Gita. He simply quoted a discourse which occurred between a perfected siddha and Kashyapa. This discourse was told to Krishna by a yogi who came down from the highest celestial world.

Back Cover / Author's Comment:

Anu Gita is the last talk between Krishna and Arjuna, giving the final instructions on how to leave the body and venture into the hereafter. The journey between this location and the afterlife is described, with instructions on how to return here, or go to the celestial heavens for a time.

One can go the spiritual world which is beyond the celestial heavens where the lower deities reside. In this conversation, Krishna did not stress himself as the Supreme Being. Though requested, he declined to show the Universal Form or to repeat the Bhagavad Gita verbatim. Instead Krishna explained what he was told by a siddha who transited from the highest subtle dimension.


 Distilled and Raw Knowledge,  October 2, 2011 -- by   John Wilson "JW" (Las Vegas, NV)

Anu Gita English is an ancient and once-secret text in Sanskrit for which there are literally no recent or modern translations. This knowledge has been suppressed for decades and continues to be suppressed as many chase the illusory goal of happiness without ever reaching it. The path of astral projection, the psyche, the hereafter, the means of spirits entering and leaving this earthly realm and other related subjects are explained logically and concisely in an astonishing way.

 If you are seeking, then THIS TRANSLATION IS AN EXCELLENT PLACE TO BOTH START AND FINISH, containing knowledge for the beginner and the advanced. The last translation in the book says, "This is all that is to be said. There is nothing beyond this. [...] one who practices proficiently and consistently for six months accomplishes this." And if you are really intrigued, then go for the Anu Gita Explained which has both analysis and application in addition to the translation.