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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: December 12, 2016 

ISBN Print:  9781942887065

ISBN eBook 9781942887058

LCCN: 2016919026 

Pages: 364

Illustrations: 48

Trim Size:  6 x 9 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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~ A necessary tantric practice but without a partner ~

~ A detailed investigation into the gender of the core-self. It shows the sham of celibacy which lacks the support of nature, except in sex dormancy ~

This course includes kundalini yoga for determining the sensual outlay and sexual range of displays which the kundalini produces as its potential self. The core-self sorts itself from its adjuncts which are the sense-of-identity (ahamkara), the intellect (buddhi), the lifeforce psychic mechanism (kundalini), the sensual orifices (indriyas) and the memories (smriti).

The conventional person-identity, or social self, which includes a displayed sexual profile is the self which is drummed up by the kundalini lifeforce. This is mistaken for the core-self. To correct this error certain meditations must be done in which the required insight develops so that the core-self can experience itself in isolation from the adjuncts. The self’s nature-given perspective must be changed so that it does not mistake it rendering of interest in the affairs of the kundalini to be its concern.

This book explains how to segregate the core-self, identify the kundalini dramas, play long with those operations and simultaneously remain apart from them with identity as the core-self which is neutral to the physical and psychic material existence. No partner is involved in this research. It is self-tantric.

Back Cover:

Kundalini Self~Tantric is the ultimate gender discovery. No partner is required. A companion is a no barrier. It contains the process of kundalini yoga using bhastrika pranayama breath infusion to discover the gender potentials of the subtle body. This achievement is no small wonder but it concludes the first part of the investigation into the format of the core-self.

When the core is segregated from the intellect analytical psychic organ, it can develop         detachment from the kundalini lifeforce. This allows it to realize that it is surrounded by the harmless sense of identity. In that state in alliance with naad sound resonance, the core can study itself.

After this physical life is over, then what?

After the subtle existence which is hereafter is terminated, what will be left?

Who will I be?

With whom will I be?

Author's Comment / 

This is a milestone in the annals of Tantric practice. It does not require a partner but can be practiced while having one. No Vedic rites are necessary. No Sanskrit or any other Indian language needs be pronounced. The tool kit is the psyche or self but not as a whole something as a container with the parts distinguished, isolated and understood.

What is the psyche? Let us begin with it having two compartments, the head and the rest of the subtle body. The head of it became known to us as the mind, the rest of it we experience as sensations down there.

In the head we find the core-self observing I-consciousness with a sense of identity surrounding it, with an intellect which illustrates thoughts and with senses on the face of the head.

In the rest of the subtle body, in the trunk specifically, we find the kundalini psychic lifeforce in the subtle spine. We find memories in the chest area and in the neck.

Kundalini is the aspect which drums up and enforces gender configuration, which the core-self is circumstantially forced to adopt. In partner tantric practice, there is concern with the gender which kundalini presents as the self. However self-tantric is not concerned with that. It is the inquiry into the gender of the core-self when it is apart from the influence of the kundalini. This book targets that!