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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: April 21, 2009

ISBN Print:  9780981933221

 ISBN eBook 9780981933290

LCCN:  2009902672

Pages: 258

Illustrations: 180

Trim Size: 6 x 9 x 0.7 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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A detailed description of astral projection, lucid dreaming, cross world experience and the yogic and mystic methods which were used to see through the third eye. More than 150 illustrations, show the opened third eye and the energized kundalini and other aspects of mystic practice. The subtle body is described in detail. Illustrations show how this body floats. Meditation techniques are discussed. Instructions are given for individual practice. This is a one-of-a-kind publication, produced by a kundalini yoga master, after 40 years of experience in samadhi trances and conscious astral projections.

 Back Cover:

Cross-worlds, parallel worlds, lucid dreams, astral projection, seeing into other dimensions, the whole scoop! Have you ever seen through your head even with your eyes closed? Have you visited other worlds in real dream experiences? Thinking of migrating to another dimension? Are you ready to clock out from the physical side?

Go to the other dimensions. Orient yourself by transitioning your psyche to a preferred cross-world before the physical body reaches its termination.

Though this is for real, it borders on science fiction. It’s the future. It’s you!

Author's Comment:

This book was originally published in a small spiral booklet. It was the first in a series of such booklets. This publication however, consists of all those booklets in one volume.

This is essential for those who desire to experience the subtle and spiritual worlds, before departing the body. Basically speaking there are two kinds of spiritual aspirants, those who are careful to pursue spiritual experience during the life of the material body and those who do not care for that.

This book is helpful to those who want the experience now and do not want to wait until the death of the body to know for sure what is beyond this physical plane.

Believe it or not this book has over 150 diagrams showing the subtle body, the chakras, the mystic antics required in meditation and much more. This is a very essential book if you are interested in spiritual experience.

Reading Vedic literatures like Bhagavad Gita, which I translated and wrote commentaries for, is one thing. Experiencing the spiritual truths is another matter. The way you may experience the spiritual truths initially might not tally with what you read in the scriptures. But that initial stage is a clearing stage to prepare you for more clarity. This book shows much about what will happen in that clearing stage. This information could save you from much confusion and doubt and set your firmly on the spiritual path of self-purification.


By J.W. Wilson:

Meditation Pictorial came just a couple days after I ordered it and it took me a weekend to read the entire book. It's very interesting and relevant to people at all levels. Unlike some of Michael Beloved's other books, it's very easy to read for anyone and includes many anecdotal experiences gained by the author over 40 yrs of research in meditation. It easily contains over 100 pictures to illustrate key meditation techniques and references throughout the book.

As far as content, expect to learn a lot about the mind and body and also the interactions between our physical and subtle bodies. You will learn about dream states, how to open your third-eye and how to reverse energy flows within your body to achieve higher states of focus. The book spends a lot of time on tracking your thoughts and impulses and determining their true source. To add further credibility to his points, he aptly references the Bhagavad-Gita on several occasions.

Many misconceptions about yoga, meditation, and its true purpose are addressed in this book. Faulty expectations are also pointed out. For example, at one point, he notes that "The impetus for liberation comes in an instant, but the actual process of being liberated takes time." Unfortunately most people, myself included, want to get it overnight.

By Marcia Metusalem:

This is an interesting, conversational account of one yogi's mystic progression. The author gives many useful, illustrated, meditative techniques. He shares his own subtle experiences, describes the actual process of reincarnating, and emphasizes thought control and dream recall. This presentation sets the stage for meditation and opens a window to what may be experienced through deliberate, calculated, steady practice.

By D. Beloved:

Meditation Pictorial is an excellent read for anyone interested in yoga, meditation and an understanding of what is beyond the physical world. The author does a great job of conveying the complex path to mystic attainment in laymen's terms and provides clear diagrams on what may seem to be very subjective invisible points of focus to an untrained eye. The author provides concise directions on how to prepare one's body for life after death and the cleansing process required in order to reach the highest level of meditation. Overall I enjoyed this read and allowed the book to stretch my mind and see beyond just this physical materialistic life.

Other stand-out topics were on the benefits of isolation vs. social mixing and striking the right balance in both directions, as well as paying attention to the external influences from widespread music today. Ultimately meditation is about personal attention applied to the psychic side.

You will change after reading this book and parts of it will make you uncomfortable as you realize the faults of your own human nature. Ironically, it ends without a clear direction for the reader, much like meditation itself!

By Sara Smith:

The book came in the mail the day after a friend ordered it for me. I understand meditation on a basic level and was able to understand much of the book. There were areas of the book that were written for someone who is practicing meditation on a more advanced level. These sections gave me great indications of what I could achieve if I worked hard. The pictures were plentiful and made some descriptions easier to understand for me as I am a visual learner.

One can set up better expectations for what they will derive from meditation and how long it will take to get expected results after reading this book. So if you're interested in your psychic side and how your physical body and 'subtle body' are related and how you can focus and change your thoughts and desires, this is the book for you. In this book you can learn about controlling your thoughts and recalling dreams you have.

The author uses his subtle experiences to bring reality to what you will read. It describes well the world that exists outside of the physical world that we can readily see. Reincarnation and life after death are also covered in this quick read. Ultimately no one can advance your meditation for you - it's a self-directed journey.

By Neil Crenshaw:

This book deals with the supernatural, mythical as well as the practical side of meditation. Michael Beloved's book is not for the beginner for it delves deeply into the philosophical side of death, life and the hereafter and how they relate to meditation. This is not a book of simple meditation exercises, as many books on the subject are. Meditation Pictorial is filled with new concepts and ideas that are accompanied by excellent line drawings and illustrations. Some of the chapters seem disorganized with parts scattered here and there. But, the book presents a practical and honest approach to Michael's own experiences with life and meditation. One story describes the author's personal experience of a visit to Hell. He lays down instructions on what a person can do in this lifetime to prepare for death and for the next life successfully. Michael also deals with the life force that dwells within us all and ways to control that force through breathing techniques and observations. This book would be very good for those who are interested in exploring deeper into their meditation practice.

 By Rebecca Turner (posted on


Meditation Pictorial is a rich, practical workbook with step-by-step instructions for advanced meditation. An intensely spiritual read, you will learn about esoteric interpretations of lucid dreams, astral projection and other dimensions. If you are looking for new interpretations of awareness beyond the body, Meditation Pictorial may have the answers you seek.

 By Richard Kiskiel (Amazon customer review, March 8, 2010):

I have read meditation books too numerous to mention, since the 70's. What I find different and most useful about Meditation Pictorial are the pictures which show images of what you will come across in your mind. Without a teacher you will not understand that some of the images you see are not made up by your mind and in fact are major sign posts on the road to spiritual progress. A road map, with sign posts that eliminate it being the Twilight Zone but yet take you to the mystical connections of the universe and how it relates to you personally. Without this book I would not have been as inspired as I am, and I probably would not have had the experience of traveling through a Black Hole and entering the "Cave of Brahma" or "House of God."

You can spend endless amounts of time in your head with your thought processes, and not knowing what to do with them and how to decipher their value. So for me this book has been the equivalent of having a teacher when I did not have one. I have had teachers in the past, but to be honest the amount of detailed information revealed in this book about the spiritual path is priceless. The book might not be for beginners, but then again seeing the pictures would probably be inspirational to anyone because they ring true in your mind when you see them and then you want to achieve that state, and you know it is achievable.

 By Moomin--Using Your Third Eye 

(Amazon customer review, September 11, 2009):

Meditation Pictorial is a rich, practical workbook with step-by-step instructions for advanced meditation. An intensely spiritual read, you will learn about esoteric interpretations of lucid dreams, astral projection and other dimensions. If you are looking for new interpretations of awareness beyond the body, Meditation Pictorial may have the answers you seek.