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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: September 13, 2010

ISBN Print:  9780981933252

 ISBN eBook 9780983381723

LCCN: 2010907496

Pages: 294

Illustrations: 66

Trim Size: 6 x 9 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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This is the translation, analysis, application and related diagrams for Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, the complete syllabus for yoga. This information about the techniques of advanced yoga is open to all, but it is of special interest to persons who meditated for years either in this or in a past life, and who now want to get to the culmination of yogic mysticism.

If there ever was a post graduate study and application of yoga, then Patanjali's Sutras are it. They map the path, show the way and reveal the elevated stages which are hard to reach even for those who mastered astral projection and third eye perception.

Chapter 1 gives the description and layout of samadhi transcendence accomplishment. Chapter 2 explains practice accomplishment. Chapter 3 shows the glory which may be attained by a persistent yogi. Chapter 4, the last, tells the yogi how to make the segregation accomplishment where the core-self is disconnected from its perception equipment and realizes itself as itself.

In the last chapter, there is an explanation of how to safely unify again with the perception equipment after the core-self is isolated from these. At the time of publication, there is no other media that goes into so much detail about advanced yoga practice.

Back Cover:

-- for the advanced meditator and for beginners who desire a glimpse of the graduate level of ashtanga Yoga, kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, raj yoga, brahma yoga, and the Patanjali system of the conditional self’s disintegration.

No guru is required while going through this data. You can have it all to yourself, free of the harassments of an authority. In fact, after getting this information you will know how to recognize the qualified teacher. If you prefer not to deal with spiritual masters, you can directly apply yourself to this system of introspective realization.

This data is laced with diagrams which illustrate what to expect and what to aspire for in meditation.

The high end of yoga begins with sensual energy withdrawal. That progresses into stilling the psychic components of the mind and refining the life force kundalini energy. These achievements lead to linkage of one’s refined attention into higher dimensions and higher energy planes.

When the self breaks away from this level of existence, it transits into higher realms effortlessly and it achieves divine associations. These are the facets of practice which this book reveals.

Author's Comment:

This is the graduate study of the process of yoga as described by Patanjali. You can understand much even if you are not advanced but the essence of this would be accomplished by subtle techniques. I took great care in this translation and commentary and added an application to each verse. There are diagrams throughout the text.

Patanjali asked us to stop the ordinary operational procedures of the mind. To do this requires detailed observation of the maneuvers of the various part of mind. With an understanding of the layout of consciousness as given by Patanjali, one can distinguish the various psychic organs and learn how to curtail their mundane involvements.

The accomplishment is to upgrade the psychic organs and to peer into higher dimensions. At first one has to sort the organs, determine their destructive operations and curtail those. Then one has to segregate the core-self from the organs so as to disempowered them. That mystic action restores the self’s integrity. One must also assume a set of highly energized psychic organs.


Very Easy Reading for a Difficult Concept-- by Dear Beloved
This is the full course of yoga explained concisely in the first thirty pages and fully expounded in the next 200 or so pages. I initially found myself closing my eyes and absorbing the information while reading it. There are tons of clear graphics that flow with the text. 

It's very easy reading for a concept that's historically difficult to comprehend.

Reading this, I came away with a few conclusions. You don't have to be anyone special to do yoga or to have the powers that come with yoga. It's inherent in all of us. The same mental tool that we use impulsively or intentionally for imagination gives us the window into the supernatural world.

The sound 'Om' is not a mysterious mantra with secret powers. It's a physical effect on the brain from the reverberation of sound inside the skull and it provides an automatic bridge to the state of higher awareness.

This book takes a step forward by providing application at every step throughout. If you are unsatisfied with the rat race of survival - like me, or if you suffer from mood swings and instability - like others, you need to seriously consider taking up meditation and this would probably be the only book you'd ever have to read.

Past presumptions about yoga and what works and what doesn't, are crumbling in the face of revealing books like this one. Best wishes in your journey to open up the sky of consciousness.