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Publisher: Michael Beloved

Kannada Translator: Arpana Ukkund

Date: July 25, 2012

ISBN Print: 9780984001361

 ISBN eBook: 9780984001385

ISBN Kannada Print: 9781942887003

LCCN: 2012913595 

Pages: 114

Illustrations: 25 

Trim Size: 5 x 8 x 0.3 inches

Language: English & Kannada

Category: Religion and Spirituality

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 Kannada Translator's biography:

Arpana Ukkund was born and brought up in Bangalore, India. Her first language of study in school and pre-university was Kannada, and formal education was in English. Hence she is fluent in both Kannada and English languages. Arpana did engineering from Bangalore University in the year 1996.

In 1992 she joined the Rashtrotthana Shareerika Shiksha Kendra, Bangalore and learnt the traditional Ashtanga Yoga with stress on yoga asanas. In 2007 she attended Swami Ramdev's yoga camp and learnt the pranayama techniques. She was naturally interested in yoga and meditation and while searching for books related to meditation she found the 'Meditation Pictorial' book of Michael Beloved and his website. After contacting Michael Beloved through the website, Arpana took instructions in basic Kundalini yoga techniques from him. Currently she practices breath infusion techniques and meditation.


A short to-the-point paper on the psychic cause of sleep paralysis, how to manage it and decrease incidences. The relationship between sleep paralysis and astral projection is explained. The methods of decreasing the incidences of sleep paralysis, increasing dream recall and being objectively conscious during astral projections is described. The most revealing part of this paper is the author’s description of his sleep paralysis states and what he did to contain these, get out of these and cause his psychic self to separated from and to fuse into the physical body without an incidence.

Back Cover:

 In simple terms using my experiences since childhood, I dissect the psyche of the human being, showing what controls sleep paralysis and how to decrease the incidences of it.

 No magic bullets! No, “You-can-control-everything” feel-good phrases!

Act to increase your limited control of existential states. Get hints of what you may do to increase positive experiences during dream and semi-conscious conditions.

 There is a valuable hint in this paper about the realization of the self apart from the material body. Turn your sleep drama into a source of spiritual confidence. Use it to fathom your personality as a psychological reality existing apart from the physical body.


 Disconnects Between Astral and Physical Bodies

--by John Wilson "JW", Las Vegas, NV, August 3, 2012

This is a primer on sleep paralysis. It's unique from other books on this matter because Michael Beloved links the sleep paralysis to a disconnect between the astral and physical bodies. He describes the `malfunction of sleep paralysis' as a valuable disconnect that allows us to achieve psyche-realization. We see our SELF as individual and apart from the body we inhabit. If the life force operated as normal all the time, we would have no objectivity on the self.

I would add to the book that one of the causes of sleep paralysis can also be a cutoff of blood supply to the limbs while asleep, which causes a disconnect when awakening. I've experienced sleep paralysis in a variety of conditions, and if my arm falls asleep due to sleeping on my shoulder awkwardly, I will often have a hard time awakening and when I finally awaken, I'll realize that my arm is fully asleep.

Final's an easy read with pictures like many of his latest books. It's very straightforward and in plain language. Have fun reading it and perhaps you may look back on some of your dream experiences as a young child, and later on as an adult, in a different manner.


 Interesting Read

--Amazon customer -- "franktothemax"

A lot of questions I had on the subject have now been answered. Thanks for the insight Michael, I don't need to fear it anymore.


Brings up different points of view

--Amazon customer -- Christoper D. Puksta

I am a religious person myself. My religion has played a big role in my life. With that said, I came at this book with a grain of salt and will still do. The book offers religious like answers to some questions associated with sleep paralysis. Often these answers go against my religious convictions. However, I did appreciate how I was able to learn other facets of sleep paralysis that I would not have otherwise have heard. The religious part of this book wasn't really the problem for me, for like I said, knowing different views is very important and kinda entertaining. However, I wish the author cited his sources. He seems to say things that sound like they are just too much to come from ones own experience. Some citations and footnotes are needed for a better rating, so that someone like me, who respects what is written, but doesn't want to take everything to heart because it goes against his own convictions, can better understand where the author is coming from and then maybe in the end not be so scared to accept some more facts that the book states...