These books are based on the author's experiences in meditation, yoga practice and participation in spiritual groups:

Spiritual Master

sex you!

Sleep Paralysis

Astral Projection

Masturbation Psychic Details

Kundalini Self~Tantric

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In Spiritual Master, Michael draws from experience with gurus or with their senior students. His contact with astral gurus is rated. He walks you through the avenue of gurus showing what you should do and what you should not do, so as to gain proficiency in whatever area of spirituality the guru has proficiency.

 sex you! is a masterpiece about the adventures of an individual spirit’s passage through the parents’ psyches. The conversion of a departed soul into a sexual urge is described. The transit from the afterlife to residency in the emotions of the parents is detailed. This is about sex and you; learn about how much of you comprises the romantic energy of your would-be parents!

 Sleep Paralysis clears misconceptions so that one can see what sleep paralysis is and what frightening astral experience occurs while the paralysis is being experienced. This disempowerment has great value in giving you confidence that you can and do exist even if you are unable to operate the physical body. The implication is that one can exist apart from and will survive the loss of the material body.

Astral Projection details experiences Michael had even in childhood, where he assumed incorrectly that everyone was astrally conversant. He discusses the life force psychic mechanism which operates the sleep-wake cycle of the physical form, and which budgets energy into the separated astral form which determines if the individual will have dream recall or no objective awareness during the projections. Astral travel happens on every occasion when the physical body sleeps. What is missing in awareness is the observer status while the astral body is separated.

Masturbation Psychic Details is a surprise presentation which relates what happens on the psychic plane during a masturbation event. This does not tackle moral issues or even addictions but shows the involvement of memory and the sure but hidden subconscious mind which operates many features of the psyche irrespective of the desire or approval of the self-conscious personality.

Kundalini Self Tantric presents the process of sorting the gender of the core-self as being distinct from the sexual profiles drummed up by the kundalini psychic lifeforce and the genetic influences which are carried in the body one was awarded by the ancestors. One must master the kundalini lifeforce before one can perceive the core-self for what it is in isolation from the adjuncts. The question this book tackles is regarding if the self is male, female, neuter or bisexual. It deals with deity relationship or the social situation one would become an accessory to if one translates to a spiritual place.