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Publication Data

Publisher: Michael Beloved

Date: August 20, 2008

ISBN Print:  9780979391644

 ISBN eBook 9780983381754

LCCN: 2008906544

Pages: 612

Illustrations: 2

Trim Size:  7 x 10  x 1.4 inches

Language: English

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Meditation

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This precise and very revealing translation and commentary, exposes the kriya yoga techniques taught by Lord Krishna to Arjuna. This was inspired by Babaji Mahayogin, who uses a sunlight body and who imparted this information into the mind of the writer by mystic transfer.

 Kriya yoga techniques are secretive but in contrast, Lord Krishna divulged it openly to Arjuna. This volume shows this. It may free a reader from ineffective kriya techniques. For practicing yogis, it would confirm valid kriyas and show new approaches.

Back Cover:

This commentary expresses the ideas of Sri Babaji, the master kriyā yogin who can be reached in the astral world in a sunlight body in the dimension known as Siddhaloka. This was inspired to the writer by him. Kriyā yoga which was defined by Sri Patañjali, is divulged freely in the Gītā.

 The practice with its secretive techniques which are only known to a few persons and their confidential disciples, is fully sketched by Lord Krishna.

 Undoubtedly one requires instruction from an expert,  but the instructor does not have to be physically present. And most of all, the outline of the practice is given freely in the Bhagavad-Gītā by none other than Śrī Krishna, the ultimate yogin.

Cover Design: Sir Paul Castagna

Front Cover Art: Terri Stokes-Pineda’s: “Krishna approaching Upamanyu Rishi”.

 Once as requested by His wife Jāmbhavatī , Lord Krishna went to perform austerities for begetting a son. He went to the Himalayan Mountains to the ashram of Upamanyu Rishi, an illustrious yogin. That area had many wonders of Nature. Many wild animals roamed there but none of them attacked the gentle ones in that vicinity. This was due to the over-riding holy atmosphere which charmed the ferocious creatures.

Author's Comment:

This volume has the Sanskrit (Devanagari) text, with word-for-word meanings in English. This has no commentary. This book is for you if you desire to peruse the Sanskrit carefully.

To sort between what Krishna said and what other religious authorities claim that He said, one has to check the Sanskrit. To see why the claims imposed by religious leaders on the Gita usually fail to manifest, one has to double check the Sanskrit text. If you are really serious about the Gita, take time to check the Sanskrit carefully. Sanskrit, unlike modern languages like English, has a set number of root words. This language is for all practical purposes static because it is no longer in general usage on this planet. That makes it an easy language to grasp, if one is patient enough to study it.